Today I am here to fulfill my duty as a responsible human. I know, till date every single soul in this world is very well aware of the pandemic outbreak of Novel Coronavirus. Every day the number of patients suffering due to Coronavirus is increasing drastically and all nations are deeply concerned both by the alarming levels of spread and severity and the levels of inaction.

Though COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic, all countries can still change its course. Government is taking the required actions and as a responsible human, it is our utmost responsibility to cooperate.

There is one wise old saying by Otto von Bismarck “Only fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

So true is this. Till now reports are showing the statistics of all countries. The source of the virus COVID-19, China, has shown the world how to fight intelligently that too before slipping out of control and we have seen the case with Italy as well. Now is the moment to act and take necessary steps quickly for other countries. If we wait for another day, consequences will be horrific. For bigger but developing countries like India, if the situation turns out like Italy, it will take everything to bounce back. What life threatening situation will occur in poor countries who don’t have enough resources to fight back? I request to all the people, to learn the lesson and act wisely. Please don’t wait for the government to force us to stay at homes for our own safety. Starting from this moment stay at homes and cooperate with our countries. Don’t step out of homes unless and until it is dire necessity. Remember, precaution is always better than cure.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I want to bring awareness about some MISSING THINGS in case of COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus .  I know till now you all must have received much information about washing hands and wearing masks etc. But there are few things which are missing from these messages. And I think those are more important to follow.

1) Keep a track of people whom you meet or come in contact. If they are coming under the radar, you also monitor yourself closely and avoid any social contact. Preferably isolate yourself. Stick to the precautions so that in case you carry the virus unknowingly, chances will remain low to spread it any further.

2) If you observe fever and dry cough or any flu like symptoms, for safety, please seek medical attention at the earliest and follow self-quarantine. It will help in early diagnosis which is very important thing in treatment and cure of this disease and also it will stop the disease from spreading to others.

3) Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing either with a tissue and discard the tissue in dustbin or inside of your elbow. Never use your palms for covering your mouth and nose which may spread the virus in case unknowingly you are carrying the virus.

4) Try to avoid touching mobiles, laptops or similar kind of things without cleaning hands. We don’t pay attention to clean these things.

5) Don’t think on the lines ‘nothing will happen’ and neglect the severity of the situation.

6) Refrain from spitting or leaving any body fluid in open.

The point here is we have to stop the disease from spreading any further. Key being self-quarantine. Isolation. Don’t run away from hospitals due to the fear of other corona patients like few people have done in India, by doing so we are inviting danger for others as well as ourselves. In fact we should spontaneously take initiative to refrain from stepping out of houses. Now when the number of patients is lesser compared to medical facilities, we can control it easily before it creates any havoc. If we want to eradicate the disease soon without much damage and casualties, we have to strictly obey self-quarantine at homes. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

Also I am making an appeal to all the people to please help other people in the hour of need. No superpower is going to help us in this time of crisis other than we own . Yesterday in my society one person came from other country and was told to home quarantine as per the procedure. He himself pointed out this to society authority and asked for permission to stay at his own flat. Society gave him permission but the neighbours were hell bent on making him vacate his flat. I request you all to understand his situation. Tomorrow you might be in his place.

Think about it!

Please check this out.

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