Human race is the most dominating and admirable creature of this world. We are the most blessed and gifted existing species. After the discovery of fire and the introduction of wheel, there was no turning back. The primitive man was quite concerned for nature and humanity and took care of the mother earth. However the present scenario makes us to frown, is it blessing in disguise? Growth, development, happiness and prosperity are the parameters which are judged and measured in terms of material collection of resources. For centuries, it has been home to thousands of species and plants. Human beings are part of it and lived within this planet in harmony with ecology around him. With the passage of time, he developed new tools and used them in his day to day activities. With these tools, he slowly started intervention with nature forgetting to slow down and self analysis and finally culminated at a point where humanity now stands on the edge of deciding between development and survival of humanity, or its own existence.

Let us just stop, slow down, think and act for a while. Religion, caste and creed have become basis for discrimination among our species, our own brothers and sisters. Spiritual consciousness does not lie in using a religion to humiliate another but to love and care for all species alike. The time of the early man was more simple and equal and perhaps happy than time we live in today. Hearing all this, a question arises, Does then the human race need to slow down?

In the last three centuries, there was rapid growth of industries. The driving force was the industrial revolution in Europe in the 17th century. Huge acres of forests have been cleared in the name of industrialization,. This has serious implication on our ecology. The flora and the fauna is badly disturbed. Many breeds of species are under the threat of extinction. The conservation of wild life has become a challenge to the entire humankind. In recent times, we have seen that wild animals coming out of their fields and entering human habitations leading to a large number of fatal accidents in the human society. Human intervention with nature needs to be slowdown if we were to lead a happy and healthy life.

The effect of the chlorofluorocarbon over the last three centuries is the reason of depletion of the ozone layer. It has suffered great damage recently resulting in large hole in it. The effect may be severe as the ultra violet rays reach directly to the earth causing skin cancer. In addition, there is an increase in greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere from industrial and other effluents leading to global warming. It is high time that we need to curtail the present level of industrialization and in this direction the United Nations framed various rules and regulations on environmental protection in order to slow down this degradation of the environmental conditions. Modern world has given us astonishing gadgets and gizmos but has taken away our health and happiness. Present society counts the success of an individual in terms of his possessions and wealth instead of his character and philanthropy. Men take jobs on mercenary benefits rather than their real interest. The trend of nuclear family setup could not give fruitful results. Human life is full of struggles and disputes. In a bid to survive this cut throat battle, a man has to fight and overcome many hurdles which is depriving him of many joys of life.

Really speaking, the life of a man is a struggle right from his birth to his death. When a child is born, he finds himself in a world where every moment is full of struggle. When he grows into a man, the struggle becomes more acute leaving him with no choice but to fight. Right up to death, he must keep fighting against different circumstances. Or else the bustling cruel world will crush him . The children starve for love and affection from their working parents. It is noteworthy to mention that most of the parents hardly find time to spend with their loved ones who are deprived of the affection of their family. There should be a balance between the professional and personal, else life is not enjoyable. It is time to slow down the pace of rush hour towards money.

Along with these issues, social issues also need to be addressed. Most talked among these is that of family bonding is becoming a thing of the past. The age old tradition of joint family system almost got extinct and is seen rarely. Moral values, ethics, social fabric, unity are the distinct features of the Indian heritage, culture and tradition.

If the present level development continues, a day may come wherein we may end up fighting for basic needs such as food shelter and water. There exists cut throat competition everywhere and man is behind money and greed keeping love and compassion at bay. Money is required to some extent in our day to day life. The making of money is an extended business and man needs to strive a lot. However, no one is ready for that lengthy process and all they want is instant money and fame. The tolerance level in people is totally reduced. Increasing number of road accidents and alarming suicidal rate shows us that human race has forgotten the school days phrase ‘slow and steady wins the race.’

The roar of the traffic, the passage of undifferentiated faces, this way and that way, drugs me onto dreams; rubs the features from faces. People might walk through me. In addition, what is this moment of time, this particular day in which I have found myself caught? The growl of traffic might be any up-roar forest trees or the roar of wild beasts. Time has whizzed back an inch or two on its reel; our short progress has been cancelled. I think also that our bodies are in truth naked. We are only lightly covered with buttoned cloth and beneath these pavements are shell, bones and silence.” – Virginia Woolf

These beautiful words truly depict the plight of the human race in today’s date. The statistics and power of numbers has taken away from us humans the quintessential characteristic of our race – love, compassion and care. The overemphasis on material growth and power of numbers has made us all part of a race. This race is unending and has no conclusion but death. Our obsession with ranks and money has made us blind to small moments of happiness, which one would have found watching a squirrel hunt for nuts or a rose blooming. The faster pace of urbanization, new and innovative ways to exploit nature’s resources all in order to achieve that imagined position of superpower in the world. As rightly said by the Mahatma Gandhi, there is end to man’s need but not to his greed.

As suggested by the famous philosopher Karl Marx, one of the most strange and peculiar features of the human civilization are alienation. Dualistic bonds between fellow men characterize today’s human race and society and relationships have boiled down to exist as per need. Man is alienated from his own self in this fast pace world. Peace of mind and solace is something for which he pays and goes on a vacation to the hills to experience. Land and nature’s beauty is also something which can be utilized a source of income.

Crime is on a rise. Killing animals for money at an unprecedented rate is accompanied by killing fellow men in a fit of anger and anguish. Society bonds are breaking, family norms are changing and we experience more divorce case in marriages than ever before. Loneliness and depression are emerging as major reasons for illness and death in the world.

Has the time come to think about what we have gained from all this fighting over these centuries amongst ourselves? Has it brought us any good or was it mere wastage of time and resources? The greed for more colonies and spread of spheres of influence had led to the two major world wars in modern history, the impact of which is still being borne out by human race.

A recent attempt made by one of the relatively smaller countries of this world in relation with this topic, Bhutan, to measure happiness among its people has forced the world to think in the right direction of how well have we performed so far on social indicators than just achieving mere numbers for the measurement of prosperity of a nation.

slow down and relax
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The recent rise in the numbers of counselling centers and rehabilitation centers shows that man to man interaction has grossly reduced over the last few decades. Money and greed makes the man to involve in all unethical activities. Increased fast food culture and no time for balanced diet have paved the way for life-style oriented disorders. Extended working hours and neglected physical exercises resulting in increased blood pressure and mental disorders among the youth. It is disheartening to know the fertility rate has gone down due to prolonged exposure to radiations from mobile phones and laptops. Nowadays, the exploitation of nature and natural resources by human activities is unpardonable.

In the name of development, men convert fertile land into real estate plot thereby digging their own graves. The construction of the sky scrapers in the agricultural land is not at all a sign of progress. It shows his poor concern for agriculture. Remember, agriculture is the backbone of economy and we would quest even for food for mere survival for the days to come. Even the farmers in this fast-track world got misplaced priorities and confused identities. They do not wait until the seeds germinate naturally and use harmful technology for yielding crops. Increased industrial expelling of toxic substances got polluted the atmosphere and what we breathe today is not pure air.  

The unpredicted climate changes and phenomena like acid rain, draught and flood are all the results of our untoward risk against nature. It is high time we get out of the clutches of technology, slow down a bit and let the nature shower its blessings.

It is a general tendency of the developed countries to suppress the developing countries for power. Every country should realize that war is not a solution and every conflict can be put to an end by friendly agreement. Universal unity and love for humanity should spread among the countries in order to make this world a better place to live in for all the humankind. The usage of nuclear power should always be in a constructive manner. Amid the hustle of bustle of life, we need to slow down to think twice before acting prudently.

Thus, in a nut shell, there is a pressing need for tolerance, compassion among people, safeguarding the nature and good balanced lifestyle. We need to slow down a bit to brace our self to achieve success in all walks of life and realize what living really means to us, so that we can cherish to the fullest. What do you say?

Think about it!

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