thinkabtit came into birth after I started noticing my surroundings and social issues, political issues, environmental issues mentioned in the news. I saw hatred, discrimination, selfishness, carelessness, ignorance. We have all the expensive gadgets in the world to connect with the world in no time but we have left no heart to connect with bleeding hearts. To think for a while about a shattering soul. Our emotions have become blunt. We have turned blind to notice the havoc our actions are causing on our surroundings. We have forgotten that we are humans and we must show humanity towards lives around us.

What all I was noticing used to make me restless. I used to think a lot about where are we going with these mindsets. What are we going to pass to our future generations. What impact our actions are leaving behind. If we keep going with such inhuman mentality, we will end up with nothing but devastation. And the consequences will cost us our lifetime.

If we want to grow and develop in true sense, we need to see beyond these shackles. I felt the need to awaken the senses of people who have forgotten kindness, forgiveness, love, care for our environment, sensitivity towards other living souls. I felt the need to spread the peace. We need to think past our narrow mindsets and break the stereotypes. What is the use of that qualification if we are not able to save our earth in the rat race of concurring the moon n Mars n Saturn?

Instead of leaving hefty term insurance plans and huge properties in legacy for our kids, let’s make this earth more worthy place so that they can cherish it wholeheartedly throughout their lives. What do you think?

Think about it!